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School program information:

My Discreet Bully teaches students the skills they need in order to respond effectively to bullying. Students who are bullied, students who bully, and bystanders are all given strategies to assist them in reducing harmful behaviours and their impact. Students to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to make a positive contribution to the creation and maintenance of a safe school and community, my book can build students capacity to prevent and respond to bullying and draws on positive psychology principles such as fostering strengths, gratitude, respect and kindness in students this develops protective factors and strengthens relationships across the school and community.

Using literature is a way of connecting with the students and creating powerful learning experiences. A successful cross-curriculum experience using my picture book I wrote from my personal experience .The character Lily in the book was a victim of bullying Lily never would have expected to be bullied by one of her best friends name calling and excluding become a reality for Lily, she finally builds up courage with her mother to confront her discreet bully’s. Her story and eventual support from family and friends reinforce with children that they don’t have to face bullying alone they should talk to someone, set in a school environment it is a story that students can relate to.
L have attended many schools and have presented my book and have spoken about my experience, which has been very successful.

It was amazing to see all the children ask questions and feel so comfortable with me, the feedback I received from the school Principals and the local community’s was that kids could connect and relate as I was a teenager myself and they were not intimated at all.