get kind is my kindness campaign that i started in 2016,Get Kind is about sharing awareness about bullying,From a young age I have always known I didn’t want to be just another person who never made their mark on the world,Knowing that bullying is a huge issue ,I wasn’t going to stand back and let it control me and other countless lives when I knew that i had the power to do something to help others,By helping others i have actually begun to help myself,I have written my own book called My Discreet Bully which is about 2 best friends named Jessica and Lily ,they grew up together Jessica begins to be mean and exclude Lily at school,Lily builds up enough confidence to confront her Discreet Bully.I truly believe the best reward in life is to make others happy and to see their transformation into stronger and happier people.I try to encourage everyone that I meet to Get Kind by starting Get Kind and writing “My Discreet Bully” i have had many amazing opportunities such as going to schools and talking to children about my story and my book!