fashion advice!!

If you’re a curvy teen and LOVE your fashion like me,
there’s no reason why you should feel frumpy this Winter.

I know first hand how hard it can be finding flattering winter
outfits for curvier gals but don’t worry,
I have you covered!

For many years, I struggled to find clothes that
made me feel proud of my body and lost my passion for fashion.
I never want anyone else to feel this way just because they
don’t fit the ‘standard’ clothing sizes.

My mission is to find clothing brands who offer diverse sizing
– tried and tested by me –
so you can build a wardrobe you can be truly proud of.

outfit #1
top:Cotton on

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Why I wrote My Discreet Bully

Hey everyone,I haven’t done a blog post in a while as I have been really busy planning more exciting things for Get Kind,Today blog will be about  my book “My Discreet Bully”.

From the day children first step out onto the playground, friendships are a key part of life, unfortunately sometimes it doesn’t fall into place and the playground can be a daunting place, Some kids get excluded,Some get Verbally bullied,The saying stick and stone may breaks your bones but words will never hurt you is completely false in fact words do hurt and can have a big toll in your confidence.I wrote my book to help children have the courage to satnad up to their bully’s and to understand how to deal with bullying.

Get Kind HowBow Dah!!

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since my last blog post that is because I have been  working on some new and exciting projects also school has recently started for many children/teens including myself and I can’t encourage anyone enough on how important it is to spread kindness ! It is one of those things that people always say. It never preach it,it is so important to tell your children/teen to be kind to other peers.

I hope you have great week 😊

Sharing Kindness

This is Emily she has Cerebral Palsy which affects that way walks,But she never lets it get in the way of her,She still does most things like a normal girl would do that’s why I am very inspired by Emily she is a very kind girl always looking adorable in pics -Instagram (@littlemissyem_) she is also known as the Ch7 2014 Telethon Star Inclusion & Diversity AdInclusion Ambassador to me that is amazing for her young age!Being bullied myself i know how it feels to be and feel excluded it is one of the worst things to experience ,Some people can be very cruel out there In the world and bully people with or without  disabilities that is one of the reasons i wrote “My Discreet Bully” so if people were being bullied they can learn and understand how to cope with it and have something that children  can relate to so you know that you are not alone and that bullying affects alot of people. I love her strength and determination to overcome her battles even though she can’t walk properly she still dose everything that she can do to overcome it And live a normal life, not to mention she is a model and is amazing at what she does xxemily-pic

My Discreet Bully

Hi everyone I haven’t been very active on my daily blog posts because i have been working really hard on my book called My Discreet Bully and it is launching in less than a month! I am so exited and honoured to launch it on November the 12th at 2pm at  Three Four Knock On The Door Book Store in Port Melbourne you can check it out on my new page called My Discreet Bully book and my whats new page for more updated and events.


Monique XX