Two years ago today I started my journey with get kind! This is what I have accomplished over the last 2 years,I have written a book titled “My Discreet Bully”, I have visited schools around Australia talking about my experiences and my book,I released get kind clothing,most importantly I have been touching countless children’s lives and educating them on kindness,bullying and letting them know that it is ok to be different,As most of you know I am currently working on book #2,in everything I have been through the most important lesson that I have learnt is to love myself for who I am,I want to show people that size and looks don’t define a person and that it’s ok to be bigger than most girls and that I’m not ashamed of my body and I fully support my self and others who have felt like they aren’t perfect or that they need to look a certain way always remember everyone is beautiful in their own way ✨❤️

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