Random acts of kindness 

Today im talk about random acts of kindness and how important it is, one small gesture can change someones day,always remember when doing an act of kindness, it’s also important when you’re doing a act of kindness you don’t expect anything back in return, here are a few ideas ….

Write a note of appreciation to your mailman

Compliment a stranger sincerely

Write a thank you note to someone

Look for something around you that can be fixed up, picked up, or attended ie, put shopping carts up, pick up some trash lying around, pick up something that has fallen over

Give a lottery ticket to a stranger

Send handmade cards or a letter to someone you care for

Write a note to management or someone who has treated you nice while doing their job (waiter, clerk, sales person…etc.)

When you go somewhere to get or do something, ask someone around you if you can pick up, drop off or do something for them while you do

Cut coupons out and leave them at the grocer register for others

Cut an article out of the newspaper that would interest a friend and mail it to them.

Leave have a nice day stickers at a front desk

Put together a writing kit with stationery, envelopes and stamps, pen and give to hospital/nursing home

Put a comment on someone’s webpage that you really like…… let them know you enjoy it

Send a card to someone in the military overseas

Start a conversation up with a co-worker that you don’t know

Leave something cheery or nice for all your co-workers (in spring bag of seeds, fun post its, fun office supplies)

Put change in a row of vending machines

Visit a nursing home. Spend time visiting with someone who doesn’t get visitors

Put something you no longer need on Craig’s list free spot for your area

Leave something for someone at an area where it most might be used, (lighter near smoking area, book in reading area, umbrella near door on rainy day)

Leave a book you have already finished somewhere for someone else to read.

Drop off a toy or game at a hospital

Drop off a toy or game at a homeless shelter.

At post office leave some extra stamps at the stamp machine.

Send a picture you have taken which includes a friend and send it to them with a note remembering when it was taken

Buy a phone card and give to a homeless shelter for them to give to someone.

Open the phone book, pick a name, and send them something (movie tickets, thank you card, you are appreciated card, book, etc.) anonymously.

Take flowers to a hospital ward and give them to someone who hasn’t had any visitors.

Take some cake, chocolates, flowers etc. to the neighbors, or a senior citizen nearby

Send someone a small gift anonymously

Make a cd of your favorite songs and give to a friend>

Donate one hour of your time if you offer a service for a living, or one product, or one seminar, or one class, or just one of whatever it is that you do as a gift to someone else.

Invite someone who is alone over for dinner.

Share a comic strip or something funny with someone else.

Leave a chocolate for a co-worker.

Write a note, send a e-greeting “just to say hello” to someone who might need a pick me up

Visit hospitals with smiles, treats and friendly conversation for patients.

Send a thank you to the employees at a hospital, or anywhere else that a cheerful thank might add a smile

Put a quarter in a parking meter that has expired

Write a thank-you note to a person from your past who has made a difference in your life.

Drop off a plant, flowers or apple pie at a public service organization or your neighbors house.

Send someone an animated greeting card on the internet.

Write a note to the boss of someone who has helped you, praising the employee.

Drop off teddy bear to police department to give to traumatized children

Copy a favorite recipe and give it to someone

Buy a copy of your favorite book and donate it to your local library or hospital

Write letters of appreciation to groups who are helping the community, the environment, etc.

Send a card to a friend or relative you haven’t seen for some time. Include a photo of yourself and/or your family.

Make a point of introducing yourself to someone you see all of the time but never say hello to.

Send an anonymous scratch card, lottery or theater ticket to someone you know – or a gift voucher, a funny card, a chocolate bar, or whatever you feel they would enjoy

If you know someone who is having a hard time financially, drop a $5, $10 or $20 note in an envelope, disguise your writing or type the envelope, and mail it to them.

Offer to baby sit

Donate clothes to goodwill

Put change in a charity change bottle

Bring cookies or some snack to work for office

Drop off cookies at a random establishment

Tape some change to a payphone with a card saying it is for whoever needs it

Write anonymous, loving post-its for strangers to find.

Donate blood

Pay for the toll for the car behind you

Help a neighbor, family member weed or plant a garden.

Mow someone’s lawn, rake their leaves or shovel their snow

Leave a book at airport for someone waiting to read

Cook a family dish for a busy mom/father so she/he can take a break for a night

Pay for the meal of a person sitting by themself when you are eating out

Buy coffee for the person behind you

Volunteer time at a charitable organization

When you fill a click card for free coffee, free gift, etc… give the card to someone

If someone behind you in line at the store has fewer items let them go ahead of you

Help tutor a child

Volunteer to read to children at the library

Offer to change oil, change filter or such for a “non car” person

Walk around a park or public area picking up trash

Get some groceries for a financially struggling family

When you go out to dinner order a dessert to go and drop it off at a neighbors

Clean up gravestones at a local cemetery

Buy something for a stranger 

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