What is Kindness ??

Kindness is the quality of being kind being friendly and being considerate of different situations,You might not realise how many acts of you show in a day or how little you show any way you can never show enough kindness in a day.These small little things can make a persons day such things as smiling and greeting people in a friendly manner, whether they be friends, associates or total strangers. A kind act can be sincerely complimenting someone about their hair, eyes, smile, laugh,Some people might not show kindness and that’s why I started Get Kind to encourage everyone I meet to Get Kind,I think that being kind is the most important part of a friendship if you can’t show kindness you basically being a bully which is the opposite of being kind and that’s why It’s important to try to always be kind doesn’t  matter how old or young you are if you are a girl or a boy,tall or short I think everyone should learn to Get Kind.

Todays thought’s

Today I want to talk about being yourself, Have you ever tried to be like someone else? Maybe the popular girl in school, your friend down the street, or a star on TV? have you tried to dress, talk, or act like them? did you think that doing so would make you happier?

Chance are it didn’t. Why? Because you are most comfortable being yourself, so quit trying to be like other people. stand out! Be different! Be yourself ! Get Kind!