Online store

Hi i will be opening an online store for Get kind,The store will include T-shirts for all genders,Tote bags,Pens,Notebooks and Personalised gifts such as Chocolates,Card’s,Boxes  and many more art’s and craft related things.

A bit about my self

Hi everyone today I’m going to tell you a little bit a bout myself.Finally i have had a chance to sit down and write a blog post, so i started this website because i wanted to tell people my story and how to cope with bullying also to share awareness ,i think that no one should go through bullying i personally think that it is horrible if you ever come across a bully you should talk to your parents,teacher,friends,family or your guardian.I am 13 years old and i am in year 7 and i have realised that a lot of people can be mean but a the end of the day they are probably just insecure and jealous  of you, if it happens once and you just ignore it then twice but if it is  happening a lot you should tell someone.